BlueStreak was started in 2004 when JetBlue Airways Founder David Neeleman bought a license agreement from Athletic Republic. The idea to open a licensed Athletic Republic facility in lower Fairfield County came from Neeleman. A few year’s back, Neeleman sent his son, who was preparing for high school freshman football, to a Salt Lake City training facility called TOSH, which uses the Athletic Republic system. Neeleman was so impressed with his son’s athletic improvement that the next year he searched for a training facility on the East Coast that was similar. When he found there was nothing like it in the area he called David Young, a friend, and asked if he would be interested in helping to open a facility in Connecticut. They, along with a third partner, David Checketts, the former CEO and president of Madison Square Garden, acquired a license to use the FAST system. Checketts is now the CEO of Sports Capital, who now owns the Major league soccer team, the Salt Lake City Real and the NHL St. Louis Blues team.

David Young found a 14,000- square-foot warehouse on Largo Drive that was central to the surrounding towns. In 2004 the largest sports training facility on the East Coast opened. To keep the blue theme and to go along the lines of JetBlue, it was decided to call the facility Bluestreak.