Importance of Training Frequency

Have you ever heard the sayings, “If you want to be good at something, do it every day”, or “Less is more”? These are two contradictory ideas, right? What if I told you both were right?

There’s an infinite amount of ways to train your body depending on the goal that you wish to achieve. You could justify most training methods as long as you have research to back it up. However, based on guidelines put in place from the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), frequency of training should be based upon time of year (in-season, off-season, pre-season), and training level (beginner, intermediate or advanced). For beginner and intermediate athletes (generally middle school, and high school athletes), training 2-3 days a week was ideal for all times of year regardless of an athlete being in-season or in their off-season.


With this breakdown of 2-3 training sessions per week, athletes new to training will still have enough time to recover between training days. As the athletes increase strength and endurance with training, their ability to recover will improve, eventually leading to being able to train more often while still being able to compete at a high level.

Table 15.2 Gudielines for resistance training frequency.pngFor the advanced athlete, this volume is needed in order to see more results. A training volume of 2-3 days per week for an advanced athlete would provide maintenance of strength levels, which would be great during in-season training.

In addition to proper training frequency, and training level, their level of commitment is vital. The effort and focus you put into each training session will dictate the results you see. What you put in will determine what you get out. Attack every session, take care of your body on your days off, and your competition won’t know what hit them!


– Dave Robbins

Facility Director at BlueStreak Headquarters
Masters in Exercise Science and Nutrition



Haff, Greg and Haff, Erin. Determination of Resistance Training Frequency. NSCA Kinetic Select.


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